The Historic Ward Chapel A.M.E. Church

Rev. Darryl L. Ervin Sr. - Pastor 








Stewards are responsible for the spiritual care and total oversight of the entire church. They serve as members of the Pastor's Cabinet as partners in the Ministry. They are committed to shepherding, teaching, exhorting and praying for the sick. They model Biblical truth and harmony as they lead through example. Stewards are also responsible for making sure the needs of the pastor and his family is provided for, as well as overseeing the financial obligations of the church.



Trustees are entrusted with oversight of the church's facilities, legal matters and facility expansion. The Trustees manage all temporal concerns of the church, not otherwise provided for. They shall be in charge of all church properties and shall make improvements upon the property or real estate when authorized to do so by the church. They help set the budget and provide direction for future developments.



Ward Chapel AME Church celebrates communion each first Sunday. These moments at the Lord's Table need to be appropriately prepared so that we may partake together. The Stewardesses' main function is to assist the Stewards in the discharge of their duties as it related to the Lord's Supper and Baptism. Stewardesses provide the implements and elements of the Holy Communion and Baptism. Stewardesses can and should accompany the Pastor and Stewards when communing the sick and shut-ins, especially if the males have to visit with a single female.



The office ministry purpose is to provide support services that assist the Pastor and congregation; achieve the vision and mission of the church. The goal is to be of service to the church by maintaining church records, keeping the congregation aware of church events and assist church ministries with clerical support.



This ministry offers training and learning opportunities for youth during the regular worship service. Children are taught Biblical truths, encouraged to study the bible on their own, participate in activities and trips which enhance their knowledge and Christian growth.



The Young People's Department (YPD) is a division of the Women's Missionary Society. The purpose of the YPD is to (a) provide meaningful youth training programs in all areas of church life which will provide for full participation in the total mission of the church; (b) provide specific training to increase knowledge of A.M.E. history and the Scriptures; (c) provide opportunities for leadership experience.



Newcomers to our Church Family are welcomed into a caring environment when they attend the New Members' Orientation and Training Sessions which have been designed for them. During these sessions new members are given much needed information about the A.M.E. Church and about Ward Chapel. Newcomers are given the opportunity to express themselves on a number of spiritual and Biblical topics and are encouraged to determine and put to use their spiritual gifts by becoming active members as soon as possible.



The Sons of Allen is a fellowship through which African Methodist men can enhance their sense of belonging to the church, gain understanding and appreciation of the spiritual/social message of the church; develop latent manpower in the congregation, become recruiters of other men for discipleship and enhance the ministry/comradeship/fellowship of the church.



The Women's Missionary Society (WMS) of the African Methodist Episcopal Church exists to help women and youth grow in the knowledge of God through cooperative relationships, (b) promote fellowship with women of other lands through cooperative relations and (c) foster missionary activities of the local church overseas.



The Music Ministry is dedicated to worshipping God by proclaiming His glory with a joyful noise. This ministry includes use of piano, organ, percussion, keyboard and other instruments.

    Ella Taylor Mass Choir offers a variety of music, from hymns to anthems and spirituals. This choir serves on first and third Sundays.

    James Marshall's Male Chorus is a group of men dedicated to singing God's praises, fellowship and supporting the church's ministry and serves on first and third Sundays.

    Chapelaires provides traditional and contemporary gospel also piano-accompanied and/or acappela. This choir serves on second and fourth Sundays.

    Holy Angels consists of children and youth from 5 to 14 years old and serves on the second and fourth Sundays.



Greeters help establish an atmosphere of friendliness and warmth.  They welcome all worshippers, provide direction and assist everyone in a Christian-like manner. God's love for people is communicated through those who greet others with joy and sincerity as they enter the worship service.



This ministry creates an atmosphere for motivating Christians to become effective church workers. The program seeks to establish a church learning environment that stimulates and enhances knowledge of, interpretation of, living and doing the Word, thus promoting Christian growth, development and service.

Education is a vital part of any Christian's life - especially new ones! Members are encouraged to become involved in a regular Bible Study program. Ward Chapel offers opportunities to do this - Church School and Bible Study.



This ministry is offered every Sunday from 8:00 AM until 9:00 AM. Our Church Sunday School provides classes for all ages, pre-school to adult. The classes are designed to present a challenging and comprehensive look at God's Word and to make God's Word alive in your life. We encourage you to join as a staff member or student.



This ministry provides extensive study on an organized basis. Classes are structured to reach students of varying levels of Bible knowledge and to cover specific topics each week. Classes are Tuesdays at 12 Noon and Wednesdays at 6:00 PM.



The Lay ministry of the AME Church is one of the newest in our church. It began at the General Conference in Kansas City, Missouri in 1912. After many years of struggling some basic objectives were developed for the Lay Organization. They include:

    *To create love and appreciation of the principles of African Methodism.

    *To keep the memory of Richard Allen, our founder, alive.

    *To respect constituted authority.

    *To stimulate and educate the laity in the total program of the Church.

    *To study the Discipline and learn the laws of the AME Church.

    *To teach and practice stewardship and to work with the youth to teach them Methodism.

The Lay Organization meets on the fourth Saturday at 10:00 AM.



This ministry maintains all church bulletin boards. This ministry not only decorates the boards but must approve any item posted by a group or individual.



This ministry records and provides audio and video of special church programs and services. These medias are made of Sunday morning services and are available to all members as well as our sick and shut-in members.



This ministry presents interpretative dances of religious music and themes.



This ministry provides transportation to various activities and church service. Transportation is available to the general congregation.



These ministries are designed for learning the Word and discussing topics of interest. These ministries were created to stimulate the growth of Church Sunday School and morning worship services.



Pastor's Aide Ministry is to aid the Pastor and his family with current ministry needs. This ministry assists the Stewards in planning the activities and worship services for the Pastor's appreciation. They take care of his study, robes and pulpit accessories and other items.




The purpose of the Health Ministry is to help Christians better understand the relationship between spiritual and physical well-being by educating the community and church family in the prevention and identification of major health concerns.


If you are interested in becoming part of one of

Ward Chapel A.M.E. Church ministries, call